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Utilities today, no matter what size, face a number of significant challenges in their market environment. The last decade has provided striking evolution into deregulation, alternative energy sources, and smart metering among many other changing market variables. Utilities are required to constantly advance with these market trends, as well as their growing customer base in order to be competitive and profitable. 

Similarly, Public Sector organizations face significant issues on both the business and constituent side. Regarding business issues, public sector organizations face increasing regulations, funding uncertainty, budgetary restraints, economic challenges, and the continuing evolution and importance of technological strategy. Regarding constituent issues are increasing service demands from citizens, business and other government agencies.

To succeed in these uncertain environments, the need for efficiency, insightful business intelligence, and a system that is flexible to adapt to these changing times is a must.

That is what our SAP and consulting services offer. It gives the right people, the right information, application, or service, at the right time. Most importantly it is at the right cost, with minimal business risks. The Quintel/SAP solution will first decrease your TCO and leverage existing IT systems; second, it will give you an IT solution from a trusted vendor with an implementation that requires minimum downtime and which at the same time offers the flexibility to grow with your needs. Other Quintel offerings and SAP solutions offer similar benefits and more.

The good news is that the challenges faced by many small- to mid-sized organizations are not new, exclusive, or unconquerable. SAP has helped over 22,600+ organizations overcome their business and IT challenges—and has developed solutions that are particularly suited for growing small- and mid-sized companies.

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